Comunicating through the senses

The best way to reach out to people is through emotions with techniques capable of stimulating the senses. The aromatic marketing is perceived by the sense of smell, the sense with the greatest power of evocation, in order to empower the values of a brand and stablish a solid and long-lasting emotional connection in consumers. 

Marxant Ambients gives you the chance to create a sensory and plesant impression to your costumers. An added value that highlights your business from the rest.

The feelings and sensations improve with the experience of the costumer: benefits of olfactory marketing.

A scent can transport us to any corner of our memory. We are able to remember the 35 % of what we smell. In Marxant Ambients, we combine the suggestive power of the sense of smell and our experience, in order to create an olfactory hallmark between your business and your customers. 

The right fragrance, developed According to the needs of your company, increases the desire for consumption, improves and prolongs the experience and the memory of your business customers and at the same time it contributes to improve the performance and well-being of the workers.